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Welcome Home Chords

Welcome Home

Bbmaj7        D#maj7
We acted like children, 
Bbmaj7             D#maj7
Now, don't tell me that you're sorry
Bbmaj7                  D#maj7   Bbmaj7
Darling, I'm as much to blame as anyone
It's over and done
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D#           F                Bbmaj7
Baby, I'm so glad to have you home
Welcome home, my baby
Welcome home, my baby

And this time we'll make it
We'll give a love as well as take it
We'll let pride be something we have in our love
Not just in ourselves


Into my arms, into my heart
Into my life, into my life forever
Cause we acted just like children
Baby, forgive me I said I'm sorry
I know I acted like a fool
Baby, baby, baby please don't take it out on me
Ooh, ooh
Baby, baby 

by: Josť Duarte