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Magic Garden Chords

Magic Garden 

           Bb  Dm
There is a garden, 
D#		    Cm         Gm
Something like the shadow of a butterfly
    D#			      G#
And lies beyond the gates of dark and light
And darling, it belongs to me

             Bb Dm
And when you go there
D#		    Cm              Gm
There will be such laughter in the dimpled sky
    D#			      G#
The songs I sing will drive away the night
                 C#				F# 
The magic garden has a way of making you feel free
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C		     F
It's the place I've made for you
     C		               F
From matchboxes and cards and dominoes
    C  Bb    D#   G#   C#   F#  D#
And it won't fall down

And when your dreaming vanishes
Like snowflakes in the summer sky
Melts away in darkness and you don't know why the magic garden
C#					 F#                               Bb
Waits with all the gates wide open and darlin', I'll be standin' just inside

And when your dreaming vanishes... 

It's so soft and warm behind those hedges
No hard edges, no hard edges

There is a garden, vanishes like snowflakes...

by: Josť Duarte