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In The Winter Chords

In The Winter 

D#m 					    G#m
The days are okay I watch the T.V. in the afternoon 
If I get lonely the sound of other voices 
G#m             F#             Bb7
Other rooms are near to me I'm not afraid 

D#m 					          G#m
The operator she tells the time, it's good for a laugh 
And there's always radio and for a dime 
      G#m          F#             Bb7
I can talk to God, dial-a-prayer, are you there? 
D#m          Bb7 
Do you care? Are you there? 
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D#			 G#               Gm 
And in the winter extra blankets for the cold 
Fm			 D#        D#m
Fix the heater, getting old, I am wiser now you know 
And still as big a fool concerning you 

I met your friend, she's very nice, what can I say? 
It was an accident. I never dreamed we'd meet again this way 
You're looking well I'm not afraid, yeah 

You have a lovely home, just like a picture. No, I live alone 
I found it easier. You must remember how 
I never liked the party life, Up all night 
Lovely wife, you have a lovely wife 


by: Josť Duarte