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I Will Come To You Chords

I Will Come To You 
Just like a ship sailing out on a mornin' tide
Sailing far away out to sea and the sea is very wide
Cm          Fm                Cm              Fm
You walked away where there's lots of room to hide
Cm	     Fm            Gm
Out into the world and the world is very wide
But one day, (baby, one day), baby, one day
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C		G         F          G              C  
I will come to you if it takes everyday left in my life
		G             F       G                
I will come to you for there must be someone in my life
   Am     F         G         Am       F       G   
No matter where you are, I'll find you near or far
   C		 G         F     G               
Or I will never love 'til I can love with you
    C		    G        F        G               F  C  
And I won't really live for life without you is like dying

Don't know where you are and I don't know if you think of me
But where you are is the only place I wanna be
Lost in a world of nothing much to do
That's how I am ever since losing you But one day, oh, baby, one day


by: Josť Duarte