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Hollywood Movie Girls Chords

Hollywood Movie Girls

C                     Bm
Today I went out on a movie call
        Am			 F
I saw a million nervous faces, I knew them all

          C           					 Bm
Hollywood movie girls, we're all wearing our one good interview dress
        Am			      F
The one showin' our legs, ah, we're lookin' our best
     G				 Am
Now, who will be chosen for the screen test? It's your guess
Hollywood movie girls
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    Am               G
And each and every potential star 
       Am                        G
Drives home in the night in her economy car
   F                            G        F
Whoever thought home would be a one-room flat?
Well, as simple as that. Hollywood movie girls

Each morning up early to call on the 'phone
Agents, producers, oh, they're never at home
Like door-to-door salesmen, we are selling ourselves, Ooh, nothing else
Hollywood movie girls


(up 1 measure to D)
And just about bedtime each one of us asks
Tell me, when will I make it to the big-time at last?
Oh, small parts you're offered ah, but those too shall pass
Nothing lasts, Hollywood movie girls


Bm			  G                 A  
Star light, star bright, won't you wish on me tonight?
Bm	    A		   G                    A  
Wish I may, wish I might, shine your light for me 
Hollywood movie girls

by: Josť Duarte