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Here She Comes Chords

Here She Comes
Em                             D
Here she comes, a girl who has everything
Em                               D
Here she comes, a girl who wants something from me
   G               C
A spoiled girl who thinks nothing of 
   G               C               Em 
Of breaking up two people in love, here she comes

Look at a-her , no shame how she carries on
Look at a-him, now, just think of it, he'll soon be gone
Lost in the arms of what money could buy
Gee, I hope she can't buy my guy cause I love him
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C		   Bm
Ooh, you can tell just at a glance
Am	      G
Next to her a poor girl has no chance
C		    Bm
She's the kind who knows how to live
A7		 C
And she knows I only have my love to give, oh, oh

Look at a-them I guess I should walk away
Oh, look at me now I won't let 'em see my cryin' this way
Just then I heard him calling me
I turned around and looked and see
He was running, running after me
Oh, he loves me, yes, he loves me, oh, oh

There she goes, well, he's running after me now
There she goes, I'm the only one he loves now

by: Josť Duarte