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I Knew You Before Chords

Artist: Dustin Kensrue
Song: I Knew You Before
Album: Please Come Home

(* means one beat per chord)

Em*    D/F#*    G*     Am*    C*    C*   C*    C*


Am(4 measures)    Em (x4)    Am (x4)    Em(x4)


G(x2)    G7(x2)    C(x2)    Am(x2)    
   B7(x2)    Em (4x)

[Verse 2x]


Bm    C    D (half measure)    Em (Half Measure)

Key Change:

Dm    Am    Dm    D    G

Final Chorus:

C    C7    F    Dm    Am    E    Am

**It should be noted that on several Em chords throughout the song, Dustin Kensrue uses 
hammeron that goes like this:

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/d/dustin_kensrue/i_knew_you_before_crd_ver_3.html ]
       3     +        4      +

The strum pattern goes something like this:
[A number(1,2,3, or 4) means a down stroke, and a plus sign means an upstroke,
also a dash indicates a "miss" or unstrummed arm swing. Basically, 1+2+3+4+ translates 
one measure and is said aloud as "one and two and three and 4 and...",
while 1-2+3+4- would be said aloud as "one miss two and three and 4 miss..."]


When using the hammer-on, it looks like this:
1-2--+4+1-2-      3+4+

The part on the far right, the 3+4+ is the hammer-on notes.

As you always should, listen to the song and compare with this, I'm certain this is accurate.

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