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Christmas Baby Please Come Home Chords & Tabs

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Christmas Baby Please Come Home Chords

Standard tuning

Intro: G - D - C - D

Verse 1:
G                      Bm
The snow's coming down,I'm watching it fall.
C                     D
Lots of people around,baby, please come home.

G                         Bm
The church bells in town, oh, they're ringing in song
C                     D
Full of happy sounds. Baby, please come home.

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Chorus 1:
They're singing "Deck the Halls",
but it's not like Christmas at all.
I remember when you were here,
and all the fun we had last year

Verse 2:
G                          Bm
Pretty lights on the tree, I'm watching them shine
C                           D
You should be here with me, baby, please come home.

Chorus 2

Verse 3:
G                   Bm
If there was a way, I'd hold back these tears.
But, it's Christmas day
Baby, please, please come home. x4