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She Runs Away Tab

			     SHE RUNS AWAY - Duncan Sheik
Tabbed by: Paul C.	
Email: pcorning@purdue.edu

Tuning: Standard

I saw there are no tabs for this, so I figured I'd take a whack at this tight song.
It's basically simple chords but played in a funky way, as in switching up a really
regular chord just a bit, or rearranging one or two fingers, to give it that mellow 
feel.  Sheik does that in ALL his songs, Barely Breathing is a perfect example.

The lead part of the intro is simple, you can figure it out yourself.
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/d/duncan_sheik/she_runs_away_tab.html ]
intro and verse
(finger picked) (yeah theres no way im tabbing out the picking)
(i think its just improv anyway)
    C    G    A    E    (<----0------------------------------------------------------------|

That'll do it! Email suggestions are welcome.