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Leaving Of Liverpool Chords

      G                C        G
Farewell The prince's Landing stage
River Mersey fair the well
	      G                       C         G 
I am bound for Cal - i - for - ni - a,
           D7         G		
A place I know right well

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     D               C        G 
So fare you well my own true love,
And when I return, united we will be.
	               G                        C     G 
It's not the leaving of Liverpool that grieves me
	                              D7      G 
But my darling, it's when I think of thee

I'm off to  California
By way of the stormy Cape Horn,
And I will send you a letter, love,
When I am homeward bound

I've shipped on a Yankee clipper ship,
Davy Crockett is her name,
And Burgess  is the captain of her
And they say  she is a floating hell

I'm bound away to leave you,
Goodbye,  my love, goodbye
There ain't but one thing that grieves me,
That's leaving you behind

Oh the sun is on the harbor, love,
And I wish I  could remain,
For I know it will be some long time
Before I see you again