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From: "Seb Perry" 
Subject: d/drugstore/el_president.crd
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 08:10:23 PDT

"El President" by Drugstore
from the LP: "White Magic For Lovers"
Written by Isabel Monteiro
backing vocals by Thom Yorke
tabbed by Seb (sebperry@hotmail.com)

Intro:  D Eb D Eb
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/d/drugstore/el_president_crd.html ]
G       D        Cadd9
It came from the skies
And burst throught the gates
G                 Cadd9
With no mercy or disguise
Em                           Eb
With their hearts set out in flames
                            D   Eb D Eb
i know, i've seen the masterplan

Verse 2:
Well im just a man
i'm not giving in
all the people understand
cos they all fell down and prayed
i know, i've seen the masterplan

Chorus:                   G  D  Cadd9
they('ve) killed the president

Verse 3:
it came from the skies
in all shades of green
we can always justify
they can measure up your dreams 
i know, i've seen the masterplan


well, i'm just a man.

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