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You Are Everything Tab

"You Are Everything" by Dru Hill
Tabbed by Rick Flores

Chords Used:

     Bm       Em        F#m 
E || 2        0         2
B || 3        0         2
G || 4        0         2
D || 4        2         4
A || 2        2         4
E || X        0         2

This is what is played throughout the entire song. The other part that you
might or might not hear in the background is completely an ad-lib part. So 
again, if you have any questions as to how I do it or anything, or just any
comments, feel free to email me at rbf_05@yahoo.com. 

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/d/dru_hill/you_are_everything_tab.html ]
E ||---------------------------0------||-------------(2)0------||
B ||------3-------3-------3------3----||--------------0--------||
G ||--------4-------4-------4---------||---------0----0--------||
D ||-----4-------4-------4------------||------2-------2--------||
A ||-2--------------------------------||-----------------------||
E ||----------------------------------||--0--------------------||

E ||--------------------||
B ||------(0)2----------||
G ||------------3-------||
D ||--------------------||         *NOTE: for the numbers that are in 
A ||--------------------||                perenthesis, you need to hammer  
E ||--(0)2--------------||                on from that note to the note
                                          that is right next to it.

Well everybody, that's it. Piece of cake huh!? Yea, that's how most r&b songs 
are supposed to be. Anyway, hope this is good enough for ya'll. Take it