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Bulldozers And Dirt Chords

Capo 1

A Capella:
Bulldozers and dirt, bulldozers and dirt
Whatís your momma got hidden up her shirt
I like to play and I like to work
But most of all I like bulldozers and dirt

E                    A        E 
I met your mama when I was sixteen
E                         B 
You couldnít have been anymore than three
E                             A      E
She caught me stealing yallís color TV
E                            B        E
She called the cops and they arrested me

She was the wildest thing Iíd ever seen
The way she pointed that shotgun at me
The police hauled my ass off to jail
Your mama signed the trailer to help make the bail
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    A         E      B        E
She picked me up and drove me home
A          E         B
Said ďIíll learn you not to roamĒ
A           E     B        E
Green green grass under my feet
    E                           B         E
But all I can think aboutís the dirt underneath

    E                    A         E
Bulldozers and dirt Bulldozers and dirt
   E                B     
Behind the trailer, my desert
     E                  A         E
Them red clay piles are heaven on earth
E                   B              E
I get my rocks off, bulldozers and dirt

I got a pickup thatís up on blocks
And Iím up to my ass in debt and hock
And I canít get the red stains off of my socks
And I canít get you off of my mind

Iíve lived with your mama for eleven years
Through good times, and bad times, fist fights and tears
But something comes over me when you come near
So wonít you come over and sip on this beer


Most of all I like bulldozers and dirt