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So that's a, i think, easier version of "I know" performed by Drake Bell
If there are questions, post to marlonpalm@aol.com

So the system in the  is: You play the chord in Power Chords and push, let go,push , let 
.... like -------- .... I hope you understand, cause my english is bad^^...  here it is:

All alone

Guess again

G                                     C
You've been known to take the hand of any men

Who will fill your fanta...
and so on ....

And then:
Em        B           G/B
You know, and I know, I know
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It's always better when you

Em        B           G/B
know, and I know, I know

It's always better when you

Am                   D     D7
Find out we've been, lyin' cheatin' _________________________________________________________
G              B               Em        G/B         
Baby give me a sign, give me a reason to make up your mind

G               B                 Em            G/B  
Darling, only a fool couldn't see through us to know what we do
Yes the other lyrics you know I hope ...