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Bull Chords

This is a song from the upcoming Ready, Steady, Go! album. It is a cover of Cask Mouse's song of the same name. 

B/A   G 
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Verse 1
B              A   
All the things I've done
Will make me strong.
B               A            G 
I make the same mistakes every day. 
B                  A
The consequence of ignorance
Irrational and green, 
B                A
The colour of the evening sky 
And the distance in-between.

If I were a bull 
You'd be my china shop 
And I'd break everything x 2

Lord knows it's hard to stop.

Verse 2 played as Verse 1
Red hot breath 
Not worth 57 cents 
And a dime to keep my baby on the line. 
The smell of steam and kerosene 
A working man mile. 
Come with me and burn this bridge 
I'll make it worth your while.
If I were a bull, 
You'd be my china shop 
And I'd break everything. 
Lord knows it's hard to stop.