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Trust Issues Chords

Bm - D - F#m - E

(Uh) Aww yeh, aww yeh
Call up I'm drinking...let's
Let's call up um (Uh)
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Verse 1:
      Bm                          D
All I care about is money and the city that Iím from
      F#m                          E
I ma sip until I feel it, I ma smoke it 'til its done
      Bm                                D
And I don t really give a fuck, and my excuse is that I m young
      F#m                               E     
And I m only getting older somebody should ve told ya


Bm         D
I m on one
       F#m                E
Yeah, fuck it, I m on one
                 Bm       D
Yeah, I said I m on one
          F#m       E
Fuck it, I m on one, A strong one

And So on...