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The Urthest Thing Chords

Furthest Thing -Drake

[Verse 1]

F                               G
Somewhere between psychotic and iconic
Am                            C
Somewhere between I want it and I got it
F                               G
Somewhere between I'm sober and I'm lifted
Am                            C
Somewhere between a mistress and commitment
F                                           G
But I stay down, girl I always stay down
Get down, have her lay down
                           C                                 F
Promise to break everybody off before I break down
Everyone just wait now
So much on my plate now
             C                                                         F
People I believed in they don't even show their face now
What they got to say now?
Nothing they can say now
                      C                                                  F
Nothing really changed but still they look at me away now
What more can I say now?
What more can I say now?
You might feel like nothing was the same

[Hook (2x):]
I still been drinking on the low
Mobbin' on the low
Fuckin' on the low
Smokin' on the low
I still been plotting on the low
Scheming on the low
The furthest thing from perfect
Like everyone I know
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(Repeat the same pattern throughout the whole song. F, G, Am, C)

[Verse 2]
And I hate that you don't think I belong to you
Just too busy running shit to run home to you
You know that paper my passion
Bittersweet celebrations, I know I can't change what happened
I can't help it
I can't help it
I was young and I was selfish
I made every woman feel like she was mine and no one else's
Now you hate me
Stop pretending, stop that fronting
I can't take it
Girl don't treat me like a stranger
Girl you know I seen you naked
Girl you know that I remember, don't be a pretender
Getting high at the condo, that's when it all comes together
You know I stay reminiscing
And makeup sex is tradition
But you've been missing girl
And you might feel like nothing was the same


Drinking, smoking, fucking, plotting
Scheming, plotting, scheming, getting money
Drinking, fucking, smoking, plotting, scheming,
Plotting, scheming, getting money

[Verse 3]
This the life for me
My mama told me this was right for me
I got em worried, like make sure you save a slice for me
I should have spoons, serve you up with a fork and knife for me
Your actions make us doubt you
Your lack of effort got me rapping different
This the shit I wanna go out to
Play this shit at my funeral if they catch me slipping
Naked women swimming that's just how I'm living
Donate a million to some children, that's just how I'm feeling
A nigga filling up arenas, who the fuck can see us
I had to Derrick Rose the knee up before I got the re-up
Yours truly the boy
I just build and build more
Y'all niggas build and destroy
You niggas party too much, man I just chill and record
No filler, you feel it now if you ain't fill it before
Yes Lord, this the shit I wanna go out to Yeah, Yeah
This the shit I wanna go out to