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Love Chords

Dr. Dog - Love - Livestream Sessions Version


Am                             D
There goes my baby, There goes my bride

Feels like the first time, time and time again

Am                     D
She was the one, She was the only,

She was a mystery, Imagine my surprise

F                         G
I went to london, Down to the dungeon

C                                 Am
I been to hell if I been any other way

F                             G
If I'm not mistaken, I wasn't taken
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C                                 Am                         F
I found my own damn way down there for love

But can it last

All my life

        G      G7
As it passes


C                Em
Love can it last 

          Am         F     G
all my life as it passes 

I met her in a costume, undernieth a full moon
Love from the stormiest skies
The whole mascarade stop, yet another shoe drop
Just another kind of disguise 

I'm holding on
Don't ask me why
i am afraid the only answer is a lie

i tell myself the strangest stories
I ain't a crow, I found a crooked way to fly.
Oh Love
Can It last all my life as it passes