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Living A Dream Chords

-Living a Dream-
-Dr. Dog-
E Abm A B 

Intro- E Abm A Abm F#m x2
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E           Abm         
Was this a dream I had 
A              B
Or is this for real
E           Abm 
Where did I go from here
A              B
And how did it feel
E                Abm    
You only get one piece of time
A                B
And one space to take up
E            Abm
Cause on the day that you die
A                 B
You don't have to wake up

A                        B                   *Play single A and B root notes 
Nothing is quite like it seems                on E string with Electric. 
When you're living your life in a dream

It's only lunch time
Oh but he's so tired
And if he slips away
He'll surely be fired
So he keeps his head in the clouds
Like it's somekind of pillow
And it blows from side to side
Like a weeping willow

Nothing is quite like it seems
When you're living you life in a dream
Sometimes you cant help but scream
When you wake up

Living A dream x5