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Stir Chords

Verse 1
D                A
You belong here, everyone's invited
G                    A
You can't fail here, 'cause we can't fail united
Em7   D                  A
It's safe to be yourself here
         Em7 Bm        A
And it's time to go beyond here
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We've got life to give,
So why don't we do what we we`re saved for
 Bm                       A
Come along, why don`t we stir?
          D                          A
You know you and I could do so much more together
           Bm                             A
We are the new at heart, so why don`t we stir?

Verse 2:
D                  A
We are strong here, but weakness is for certain
G                      A
To show our love here, we share each other's burdens
Em7       D                     A
We don't mind, 'cause there is nothing left to fear
         Em7 Bm                 A
And Love divine is calling us out from here


D       A
We are salting, lighting
D       A
We refresh like raining
D       A         F#m-G
We are love remaining...