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I submitted this song a long time ago when I didn't realise who the band was and
so I think it went under Tool's tabs as when downloaded it comes up with the band
name as Tool and Creed.  Infact, as I've been informed, it's by a band from
Wisconsin called Downface, so check out some of their other stuff if you can.
Anyway...... Alone, lyrics at the bottom.  Simple tab in standard tuning.

This riff is basically played throughout the whole song, and then the solo below
comes in around 2 minutes through. Obviously you're gonna have to work out the
strumming from this

 Em    G    A    C   Em    G   D/F#  G

Here's the solo which basically just uses the A Pentatonic scale,
so it's not too hard
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any questions?

It's been a long day
At the bottom of the hill
They say she died of a broken heart
She told me I was living in the past
Drinking from a broken glass

I'm Alone 
Now I turn to face the cold
I'm Alone
Now I turn to travel home

I walked down 
to the other end today
Just to catch those last few rays
I held out my hands and slowly waved goodbye
I turn my eyes to the sky


She'll come back to me

I held out my hands to the light and I watched it die
I know, that I was part to blame
But I've done my time
and I Never want to spend my life alone