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No Equalizer Chords

"No Equalizer" by Down By Law
tabbed by Deen

listen to the CD for changes, theres usually more than 1 note at a time
played during verses or chorus and you have to listen for them.  You have to
listen for # of notes and changes and stuff.  here we are:

G                   |
D 2               | 2
A   22222 4       |   2222 4
E           44444 |          4444 2222

E 0000000 44444 00000 44444 777777
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bridge A:
A 2222 0000      1111
E           3333

bridge B (with guitar solo and everything)
A 22 00
E       33 00

Thats it, heres the order:
do verse a few times
then do chorus a few times
then do verse a few times
then chorus again
then do bridge A
then back to verse
then to chorus
then to bridge A
then theres like a 7 second guitar thing
then it goes into bridge B for a while
then you do verse and chorus a few times, then your done!
I know it's a little crappy on the interludes, but its my first tab, sorry.