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Throwing Punches Chords

Wow ok ive been trying to find this all over the place and cant so i just sat down and
tried it myself  its prob not 100% correct but its kinda close and itll work..if anyone
has any corrections please let me me and

Standard Tuning


F    x33011    
Dm7  xx0211 
Bb   x10011 

F                        Dm7 
    I'm through throwing punches 

    I think I've fought enough 

F                     Dm7 
    I was down in the first round 

    Now just looking up 

F                      Dm7 
    We're all a little short changed 

    We're all a little lost 

F                   Dm7          Bb 
    I feel a little smaller down here 

[ Tab from: ]
F    133211 
F7   131211 
Bb   x13331 
Bbm  x13321 

    F             F7          Bb 
    I'll find the ropes, slow down 

             Bbm                   F 
    Catch my breath and think this through 

           F7          Bb 
    On the ropes, slow down 

    Catch my breath 


Dm7   xx0211 
C     x30011 
Bb-1  x13311 
Bb-2  x10011 

Dm7              C         Bb-1 
    When did the lights go out 
    When did I hit the floor 
Dm7              C         Bb-1      Bb-2 
    When did the lights go out 

Again not perfect..some chords sound kinda wrong and their not named correctly but
anyways let me know if anyone has corrections  thanks