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The Changeling Chords

The Changeling
The Doors
LA Woman, 1971

I was just randomly listening to the song, and its pretty simple, so I figured it out, 
mostly on the organ part.
The song is based off the chord A(#9).  Its just an A7 chord with a C on top essentially.

Organ solo over A-G-A notes, then the guitar starts the A(#9) chord.

          A(#9)x3 (notes only:) E G-E 
and repeat half A million times...
I live uptown...

(notes)   C  C     A    A   G      G    E  G     E    G
But I've  ne-ver  been  so  broke  that  I could-n't  leave

(notes, listen to the song for the rhythm.):
A-A-A E-G-A   C   
Town...                         See me change...

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(notes as well)   A5  G5   A5      A5  G5  A5  A5     G5   A5   A5  G5  A5
I'm the         air you breathe  food you eat  friends you meet  in the...

Hold a Am essentially under the first solo, the organ messes with the chord a bit but in 
its Am (adding a 7 here and there).

Repeat the chorus as before
Then the second time, bring it all up a half step (from A7 to A#7 now), and its gonna 
that way for the rest of the song.

So you're now taking everything from before up a half step.
Bb#9 (technically an A#, but for the sake of simplicity) becomes your chord, with a F 
Ab the bouncing notes.

During the second solo, start on an Bb5, and it doesn't get a third until after the 
double solo part (listen to the song), when the organ makes it a Bb major (adding the D), 
a Bb7 (adding the Ab) as it nears the end of the solo.

And just keep jamming that chorus lick in Bb and you have the song in a nutshell.