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London Town Chords

London Town

I would suggest a capo on the 1st fret.. sounding key A#
The playing is spiced with hammer-ons on the sus4-chords (C Csus4 C), you can repeat
this figure throughout the song. I’ve tabbed out the main chords.. the C/d-chord is an
approximation but it fits fairly well in the arrangement… Donovan doesn’t pluck his 1st
string except on the Gs at “Green Rocky Road”… 

Csus4	x33010   
C/D  	x30010   
Fm  	xx311x

Intro : C Csus4 C etc…    C/D    C  Csus4  C etc…
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C/D        G                  C        Fm  
Before you go, back to London town
                 G                       C
Make sure your woman, she don't turn you down
G            F                  C
Green rocky road, promenade and green
C/D              C
Tell me who you love

If when you get there, it's another man
Must find your way, back if you can
Green rocky road, promenade and green
                 C    C/D              C
Tell me who you love, tell me who you love