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Oh My What A Shame Chords

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          Am  (e) G                 F    C
They were married in the old Church yard
          C             Am           D/f#
And they promised to be true to each other
   Am          Am/g      Am/f        e
No matter how hard their lives might be
         Asus4        A            Am          A
But like meteors that fell through moments parallel
          Am      Am/g
They were soon to cross
                 Am/f                          e
And on different plots of earth they both did fall
              F               G/E             Am
Though their lives had really not been hard at all
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Am           F
Oh my what a shame
Am           C
No one's to blame
It just happened that way
            Am              Am/g
And there's nothing you can say
     Am/f#            e
When two people say goodbye

Oh my...

Instrumental verse:
Am, G, F, C
Am, Am/g, Am/f#, F, e, Am

Two brothers, promised they'd return
When the war that they were fighting was over
But only one lived to keep his vow
And the story I was told said he lived to be quite old
Before time won out
Someone asked if he knew what they both fought for
But he could not recall he had ever been to war


            Am              G             F
For there's nothing you can say when it's over
And there's nothing you can do when it's done
           Am             G
There's no battle you can win
            D/f#         F
And there's nothing to begin
That's not begun

On this moment, I recall your face
And I wonder if you still think about me
Occasionally I still think of you
And I watch the river flow and I know I must let go
But it's oh so hard
For the waves are all around my small canoe
I had always hoped this boat could carry two     

(chorus again)