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The timing is not exact, repeat chords as necessary to satisfy music. This is my second 
and I think it is pretty spot on. All suggestions appreciated, comment and rate please 

  Am                   Dm                   F

  G                      G7                  E

Capo 5
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Flight of dragons soar in the purple light
F                   Dm
In the sky or in my mind
Am                              Dm
Flight of dragons sail past reality
 F      G         Am (strum)
Leave illusion behind

Dm             G7
Is it the past I see
Dm                  G7
When I look up to the heavens
Am                 F
Believing in the magic
E                       Am
That I know could never be

Dm                            G7
I want to go where they are going
Am                      E
Into the world they've been
Dm           E               Am
Can I open up my mind enough to see

Flight of dragons, heavenly argosies
F                         Dm
Catch the wind, rise out of sight
Am                         Dm
Flight of dragons, pilots of fantasy
F          G          Am
In the sky or in my mind

Flight of dragons
Flight of dragons