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Chain Lightning Chords

Don Mclean - Chain Lightning

tabbed by mcnrymikin - 18/10/2006



Verse 1:

Em                               C           G
Sometimes when I'm thinkin' that love's not around
   Am          Em          Am           B7
My heart begins sinkin', I don't hear a sound
        Em                        C               G
And the world is in blackness, no light shines on me
  Am        Em            Am        B7
I suffer no blindness, no one can I see
       Em                            C           G
Then a flash from the heavens like a loud jagged wire
        Am         Em              B7          Em
And the silence is broken, and the night is on fire.

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          Em                    C           G
It's like chain lightning, this love that I feel.
    Am              Em         Am           B7
Who know's where it strikes or when it will hit,
    Am           Em       B7                       Em
How long it will last, or when............ it will quit.

Chords repeated for rest of song:

Verse 2:

In the forest I'm burning, struck down by the blast
The fever is churning, and the heat rises fast.
and those standing nearest can show their concern
but I swear if they touch me that they too will burn.
They fear for their lives for death will soon dwell
in the warmth of your love is the fire of hell.


Verse 3:

And soon the sparks scatter and wind whips the flame
and love will soon shatter what it cannot tame
and the cycle continues, from life into dust
for I am now in you with the fire of lust.
And I hear the explosion, of thunder and rain,
the water is falling, the ashes remain.


Verse 4:

The Indian's tell us that the Phoenix can rise
from the smoldering ashes that once were my eyes
and watch beautiful colours from black and from grey
be formed into wings and take me away
where evil is darkness and goodness is light
and love is the lightning that cuts through the night
and strikes only once in a dark place in time
and forms a gold stairway that all of us climb.