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Crooked Jack Chords

  I figured this song out the other day I believe it is correct. it is an old irish folk song

   Em                   G        D
   come Irish men both young and old

        Em                D
   with adventure in your soul 

   Em                       G          D
   there are better ways to spend your days

   Em          D      Em
   than tiolen down a hole


          G                    D
    I was tall and true all of six foot two

              Em       D         Em
    till they broke me across the back

    Em                       G      D
    By a name I'm known it's not my own 

         Em      D       Em
    they call me crooked jack 

   (second verse)
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    Em                    G       D
    the blue eyed gangers pet was I

        Em               D
    Big Jack could do no wrong

    Em                G   D
    the reason simply was because

            Em        D         Em
    I could work hard hours and long


     (third verse)

    I've seen men old before their time
    their faces dark and gray
    I never thought that I myself
    Would soon be the self same way

    (third verse)

    I cursed the day I went away
    To work on those Hydro dams
    for sweat and tears or hope and fear
    bound up a shuddering jams

    (final verse)

     they say that honest toil is good
     for the body and the soul
     but I tell you boys it's blood and sweat
     that they want you down a hole.