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I've Found by Don Dokken and Kelly Keeling 
Album: Long Way Home

I tried to organize this format so its easy to remember the org. but it kept spinning me. 
Anyway, If I can improve it I will, help is always welcomed.

Ive Found by Dokken/Keeling  (Capo 2)

 C / Am / Dm / G /   (2x)
    C            Am                             
The morning rose You were always kind
Dm                                    G                          C
Can't believe we've found  each other Waking for the rest of our lives 
C                     Am      
I believed I'd  never find  
Dm                   G              C         
Someone to believe in But there you were  
When I least expected it  
Dm                       G                               C
When I'd almost given up lost my faith in love There you were 
Dm                F                 G     
Tried to hide my feelings still you know
     Am                F           G
So I guess it's time I finally let show (Chorus)
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C                       Am                            
I thought despair. Was just part of life 
Dm                           G                           C
But you showed me differntly Smiling full of life as you said
C                  Am      
There'll be better days 
                  Dm                  G                       C     G    
Just like rain we can't complain it's ok, there'll be better days
(Chorus / End Bridge)

     C     Em          F                                         G
I've found someone Who believes that love's a battle that's been won
        C             Em  F                    G            
Seems a lifetime past by until I found a reason Someone to believe in I've 

End Bridge
Dm F G   Dm F G
Am           G         F                  C 
You and I so different Seems we're worlds apart
Dm                F                 G
Patience brings us closer we're not far 
(Repeart Chorus)
C / Am/ Dm / G / end on C