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From: (Roger Hupfauer)
Subject: Re: REQ: Alone Again by Dokken

Alone again - Dokken  - transribed by Gary Chapman

Intro - repeat a few times.  This is also the verse.

   E minor add 9      C             D  (alternately D add2 if you play the
E -----0------------------------------(0)--------------|  part in brackets)
B --------0---------------1------------3-(3)-----------|
G -----------0---------------0------------2-(2)--------|
D --------------4---------------2----0-------0---4^5^4-|
A ------------------0-2-3------------------------------|
E --0--------------------------------------------------|

Intro:  Emadd9, C, D (x 3)
        Emadd9, C, G, D

Verse 1:

Emadd9                     C       D
I'd like to see you in the morning light.
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Emadd9                     C        G   D
I like to feel you when it comes to night.

Emadd9                C   D
Now I'm here, and I'm all alone.

C       D           B   B???(x222xx)   B
Still I know how it feels    EADGBE.

C    D
I'm alone again.


Em                G        D
Tried so hard, to make you see.

Em                      G   D   A
But I couldn't find the words.

Em                  G         D
Now the tears, they fall like rain,

C          D            Em
I'm alone again without you.

C      D            Em
Alone again without you.

C      D            Em  (B/B??? on chorus preceding the solo)
Alone again without you.

C      D             Em add 9 , etc. leading into second verse (not included)
Alone again, without you...


I have an old Guitar World kicking around somewhere, with the solo in it.
I can type it in if someone desperately wants it (doing solos in ascii
tab is no fun)


Mr.Scary (Gary Chapman)