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Building A Better Me Chords

Dogwood Building A Better Me
Tabbed By: Mathew Brady

Its Pretty Close... My timing might be a bit off.  Listen to the song for strumming
patterns.  I didnt do the bridge, as the bridge is useless.  You can figure it out
if you try.

Riff 1
D |---------------------------------------------
A |-11-11-11-11-11-9-9/13-14-13-11-11-11-11-11-9
E |---------------------------------------------

Verse 1
G#          F#             G#   
Superficial nature wearing thin.
  F#            B(1)
I can't seem to begin.
     C#          B(1)     C#              Riff 1
What really do I see when I stare back at me?

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G#          F#              G# 
As crushing time reveals my foe,
  G#           B(1)
Inheriting all woe.
  C#             B(1)
Solutions in the past,
   C#              Riff 1  
Conditioned not to ask.

It's what you're meant to be,
Your name and number.
Be all that you should be.
E(Mute)\           B
 You will recover things you haven't lost,
C#                       G#
Cause they don't see you like you think they do.
 Please just become you.

Verse 2
"Release your fear" is what he said.
This all came to a head.
Feel cheated out of you,
Tradition follows through.
-Riff 1-
Though I can't see how this will end,
I know that you will always pull me through.

Verse 3
My soul went searching for a cause
But came back empty-handed.
The emptiness you see...
Building a better me.