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All Hands On Deck Chords

By Dogwood
Tabbed By andrew the stud cool guy

i am pretty sure this one is right i hope you like it:

Verse 1:
               A   G F          A(pm)                      F
Sailing these seas alone, I realize I could never make it own
            G          A
Conclusion from experience
                               F                G             A
This ark of mine has sprung a leak, to think I built my body weak
                             F       G
I need Your help to make me right

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G              A                G                      A
I'm the captain  of this paper boat, that cannot stay afloat
Without Your love...
                   G                          A
Your love, perfect, I'll recollect and then reflect
The blessings You have given to me
                    C                      G
Friend we must try to stand tall, stand proud
Let the Lord declare out loud
The things He's done inside our lives

Verse 2:
C                   F    G  A(pm)               F
     The tides now rise,    washing away, this boat of mine
      G                A
That was pushed by my pride
                          F          G             A
I raise my flag of repentance, I surrender all to You
                               F     E
I can't weather these storms alone....


C ----------- C - B - A - G

F                  C              G                A      G
Lord, You're, the Captain that I wish that I could be and I will
F                C               G                A  -  G
Sail with You forever more from this day forward
F - C - G - A

C     G                        A   F
(All hands) all hands on deck (on deck)

well i did my best if you think there is anything wrong with it then drop me 

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