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Is Dit Alles Bass Tab

Band: Doe Maar
Song: Is Dit Alles
Album: Doris Day en andere Stukken
Year: 1982
Language: Dutch

For the lyrics of this song you could use;

And for the song itself you could use;

Standard (EADG) tuning.


Basic line:

G|------------------  |  G|------------------|
D|------77777-------  |  D|------------------|
A|---55-------55----  |  A|------55555-------|
E|---------------55-  |  E|---33-------33-55-|
                    x2                       x2

Just listen to the song, and you'll understand how to play it.

[ Tab from: ]
G|-----------------  |  G|------------------|
D|--------------55-  |  D|------------------|
A|------55555-3----  |  A|------33333----33-|
E|---33------------  |  E|---11-------11----|
                   x3                       x1

G|-----------------  |  G|------------------|
D|--------------55-  |  D|-----99999--------|
A|------55555-3----  |  A|---7----------77--|
E|---33------------  |  E|-----------55-----|
                   x3                       x1

That's all!
Just listen to the song, and you'll know what to play where immediately.

This is the first tab that I typed out, so sorry if I did anything wrong.
Open for comments! :)
Hope you like this one!