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My own world

Am			E
One day I told myself I`m an otherwise man
Am			E
like me you never be, I`m on my own.
Am			E
Thinking of beyond thing, thats is my ID
Am			E		  Am	E
linking to universe, central of points.
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G			Am
I`m be an otherwise, in my own world
G				      E
You stayed there long from me, raped on me.
G			        Am
Thinking of beyond thing, in my own world
G			E			G	E
I make my own laws, at the beyond.
E          Am
Rape me!

One day you told to me, you is a crazy man
I am the only man, that is right here.
Living in my own world, the wise world at earth
linking to universe, with a wise way.


I am the future, no one tell me
that I`m a crazy guy, just like you.
Magic and philosophi, that is my truth
linking to universe, allways be there.


This is the finale verse, a refrate of life
this song is tell you truth, only this song.
I`m in my world, there no one can rape me
So if you like...., go away to hell.

G	C	E       G  C  E
In my own world!