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Landslide Chords

Capo 5 (atleast for my voice, adjust accordingly)

C: 032010
D/B: 020030
Am: 002210
D7: 200210
G: 300000
G/F#: 200000
Em: 022000

try travis picking if you know it, if not just strum

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/d/dixie_chicks/landslide_crd_ver_4.html ]
C          D/B               Am            D/B
i took my love and took it down
C          D/B                   Am            D/B
climbed a mountain and i turned around             and i
C         DB              Am            D/B      
saw my reflection in the snow covered hills    'till the
C           D/B        Am        D/B
landslide brought me down            Oh,
C              D/B          Am         D/B
mirror in the sky what is love?           can the
C                D/B         Am         D/B
child within my heart rise above?          can i
C                D/B      Am     D/B
sail through the changing ocean tides? can i
C           D/B    Am     D/B
handle the seasons of my life?
C          D/B          Am          D/B
C          D/B          Am          D7
G          D/F#         Em       Em
i've been afraid of changing        cause i
C        D/B         Am        D7
built my life around you         but
G               D/F#
times make you bolder
Em           Em
children get older and
C           D/B   Am   D/B
i'm getting older too    oh
C           D/B    Am
i'm getting older too

verses are all the same