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Everybody Knows Chords

Artist: Dixie Chicks
Song: Everybody Knows
Album: Taking The Long Way

  A                        E
Tell me now if you came sneaking up behind
F#m                    D
Would you know me and see behind the smile?
A                    E
I can change like colours on a wall
 F#m                               D
Hoping no-one else will find what lies beneath it all

I think I hide it oh so well
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A                                   D
Stepping out, everyone can see my face
All the things I cant erase
From my life
Everybody knows
A                                    D
Standing out so you wont forget my name
that’s the way we play this game
Of life
Everybody knows

Looking through the crowd I search for something else
But every time I turn around I run into myself
Here I stand consumed with my surroundings
Just another day of everybody looking

   D                 E
I swore they’d never see me cry
         D           E
They’d never see me cry


G            A
You say il pay the price
E          G
that's a chance that il take
D                Bm
But you may think im telling lies
but i just call it gettin by


Everybody knows (everybody knows)
I’m just barely getting by (everybody knows)

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