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Steeples Tab

Artist: Dispatch
Song:   Steeples
Album:  Silent Steeples

Tabber: DsTRO
Email:  DsTRO3@hotmail.com

Not too many Dispatch tabs out there. They are an amazing band and heres one of the few
songs I've figured out by them. If you have any corrections let me know.

s = slide
h = hammer
x = dead strum




The verse consists two bar chords, F# and G. Heres how to play them

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/d/dispatch/steeples_tab.html ]
    F#		  G  		They just keep alternating back and forth
				The pattern is:  (X is a dead strum)
 E--2--  	E--3--           
 B--2--  	B--3--		F# F# X X G G X F# F# X G
 G--3--  	G--4--		   
 D--4--  	D--5--			Then
 A--4--  	A--5--			    
 E--2--  	E--3--		F# F# X X G G X F# X G X F#
				They do that three times then go into the chorus			


Some more bar chords, Bm, G, D, A. You could play them open too but its easier barred.
Heres how to play these.	

    Bm		 G	     D          A
  E--2--      E--3--      E--5--      E--5--		Timings weird listen to the song
  B--3--      B--3--      B--7--      B--5--		to figure it out. At the end of 
  G--4--      G--4--      G--7--      G--6--		the chorus when they say "its a 
  D--4--      D--5--      D--7--      D--7--		silent..." go back to the verse
  A--2--      A--5--      A--5--      A--7--		chords.
  E--2--      E--3--      E--5--      E--5--