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Bullet Holes Chords

Bullet Holes By Dispatch  Tabbed By Groel

Intro (All Chords Barred Through Song)
D#  A#  Cm

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(Verse Chords Repeat)
D#          A#             Cm
 Black birds and bullet holes 
D#    A#          Cm
   Scattered across the sky 
I wander 
These steep hills 
Into the grey light
My fingers collapse around my pen 
Like soldiers tryin' to hold up the flag 
I'm callin' out, once again
        D#        A#      Cm
In this letter to you my friend 
In this letter to you my friend 
In this letter to you my friend 

D#        A#               Cm
And don't tell me you been comin' up easy 
Stop, drop, you're life is greasy 
You used to say that you would come around 
Oh baby, but you're never here 

Pre-Chorus-->G# A# 

(Chorus same chord progression as verse   
      D#    A#   
You have been 
Up above (so high, so high, so high) 
And lived in the dirt 
You have felt 
Some love 
And you 
Have been hurt