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Better Times Bass Tab

Discipline - Better Times:
Bass tab for Discipline; Better Times
Normal tuned bassguitar; A-E-D-G
tabbed by The Belgian B(ast)art, e-mail: S8TN_CrazyB@Hotmail.com
guitar1 twice and then guitar2 twice, after that whole band starts playing. This part is the intro+the main
riff which is played throughout the whole song, only interrupted by the chorus and bridges.
G:    ----------------------------------
D:    ----------------------------------
E:    ----------------------------------
A:    2-2-2-0-2-2-2-0-2-2-2-5-7
this is the part where it goes; "better times coming, better times are here, better in the end, there so near,..."
G:    ------------------------
D:    ------------------------
E:    ------------------------
A:    2-2-2-2-2-3-3-5-3
Again the chorus lyrics are repeated here, but the riffs change!
G:    -----------------------------------
D:    -----------------------------------
E:    -----------------------------------
A:    2-2-2-2-3-0-2-2-2-2-2-5-3
That's about it,... and may I add a big fat what up to all dedicated bassplayers around!

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