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Date: Thu, 8 Feb 1996 20:15:25 -0500 (EST)
From: Porcupine 
Subject: TAB: "Damn Crazy" by disappear fear

"Damn Crazy" -- disappear fear
from the album "Live at the Bottom Line"

   D       G                  D
Consumer Report don't tell me how

to fix my heart

Em                    A
TV tells me where to call

    D                    Bm
But I don't want that at all

		D          Bm
		I know I'm lazy

		G                A        D
		But I'm so damn crazy for you

D                   G
Rolling down lonely highways

      D               G                Em
I can hardly see the road, towns flyin by

		 A               D
cause I'm in my mind way back in time
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when you were mine.


	   Em   A
And it's a shame

D                         Bm
You were always there for me

	  Em    A
It's me I blame

    D                  Bm
But I was too blind to see.

D	Bm       G       A       D

D                   G
We never made this official

    D            G                       Em
But I see your initials on every license plate

	  A           D       Bm
in every state in the whole USA

D          Bm
I know I'm lazy

G                A
But I'm so damn crazy,

  D              Bm
I know I've been lazy

G                A
but I'm so damn crazy

  D          Bm
I KNOW I was lazy

G                A
But I'm so damn crazy

 D	A
For you

    D    A    D
For you

(listen to the record to get the picking pattern--it's really simple) :)

- Beth, eheasle@emory.edu