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All Or Nothing Chords

Only 3 chords for whole song .  G   G+4  Gm7  all barred at 3rd fret.
G+4 is like Gm7 but with the 3rd string played at the 5th fret.

                     G         G+4
                 I have been out of my head
                  Hanging on by a thread
                 To a world I'm missing

                      G           G+4
                  And I , fall asleep at the wheel
                   Getting looks that could kill
                  Because I'm not listening

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                    G               G+4
                  There must be a better way
                  There must be a way to change 
                    G              G+4
                  Both of us are scared to say
                  So this is all or nothing

                    G                             G+4
                  Never know what the future may bring
                    G+4                                   Gm7
                  Leave the past 'cause it don't mean a thing
                  So this is all or nothing.    ( rpt )