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Rise Above Chords

RISE ABOVE (CHORDS ONLY) - Dirty Projectors - from RISE ABOVE

Tabbed by: Kris Ellestad
Date: September 10th, 2009
Email: knilstad@gmail.com
Site: knilstad.blogspot.com

Standard tuning
Capo on 3rd fret

 Db   Eb7 Fm      
Jealous   cowards try to control

They distort what we say

Db      Eb7 Fm
Try to stop what we do

 Eb6/7         Bbm                  Ab
When they can't   do it themselves

       Bbm2     Ab
We are tired of your abuse
       Bbm2         Ab Bbm2 Cm7      Bbm2
Try to stop us, but it's       no use

          Fm                       Cm
Society's arms think they're smart

     Bbm2     Cm   Bbm2            Cm      Bbm2
I find   satisfaction in what they're lacking 'cause

Db Cm7    Bbm7 Ab       Eb
We    are born   with a chance

Db   Cm7   Bbm7  Ab     Eb
And I'm   gonna   have my chance
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Db   Cm7  Bbm7  Ab
Rise above 

Db  Cm7  Bbm7      Ab
Rise   above   Rise above


BREAKDOWN in the middle:

Ab  Ab  Ab  Ab



Ab  Ab  Ab  Ab

and the back to "We are tired of your abuse"

                      *                                                      *
   Db    Eb7   Fm   Eb6/7  Bbm   Ab    Bbm2  Cm7   Cm   Bbm7   Db    Eb   Ab6-4/7  Ab2

*The 6 indicates first inversion. 6-5 is a second inversion 7th chord.