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Doctors And Dealers Chords

The first tab on here is the right sequence but it's in the wrong key. You can get the 
from www.dirtyprettythingsband.com so i won't reproduce them here. Anyway...

the basic pattern is E / C#m / A / F#m

so it's:

I donít believe in anything
They tell meís set in stone
They say that weíre together
But Iím sat here on my own

repeat for next verse, then:

C#m                    F#m
Oh no, no I donít mind
C#m                    B
Oh no, no I donít mind

then the ecstatic chorus:
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/d/dirty_pretty_things/doctors_and_dealers_crd.html ]
E                                                         C#m
Cause I can get someone to bring the fighters
(the doctors and the dealers)
E                                         C#m
Get someone to shed some light on
(miracle cure, soul stealers)

and on and on and then:

G#m            F#m
You got the ball
         G#m                  F#m
I was lucky to get the chain
(not sure about next 2 lines, don't think its still just G#m and F#m but not sure what 
could be...)
But now I have to watch the crowds

Haphazardly chasing down the drain

    A                  G#
So what does it do?
Nothing for me
G#               B
What about you?

then just the chorus chords for the outro, I know it's patchy so by all means improve on it.