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Version: 2 Type: Tab

Bang Bang Youre Dead Tab

Dm x15 A Fx4 Ax4 Dmx8 A#x4 A#mx4 F


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verse 1
F          A           Dm
I knew all along i was right at the start
A#                         A#m    F
that the seeds of the weeds,      that grew in your heart
F                 A                  Dm
self satisfaction for the fashion to prone to tear us apart
oh i gave you a misers touch
as you turned round to scratched at my heart
Dm    A                 Dm   A A# A
Ooooh what did you expect
Dm    A                        Dm 
Ooooh tell me what did you expect
To lay it on my head
so it was all upon my head
F    A           Dm    A#        A# A G  F
Bang Bang You're Dead, always so easily lead
F    A           Dm    A#          A# A    G  F
bang bang you're dead, put all the rumours to bed
F    A           Dm        A G
bang bang you're dead

verse 2
F          A                Dm
I knew all along that i was fooled to believe
A#                              A#m            F
there was nothing but spite you realising the words that you read

And I'll lose you to confuse you on but oh they are so tottery
put it to bed kick it in the head oh won't they just let it be


Dm                 A

|------------------------------| 3 times    A A  A A# A (twice)  


I got the most parts of it from Gareth Hooper and tried to figure out the rest.
It's only a model how one can play it,
I don't really play everything exactly how it's carl plays it on the record
but I think this tab is good enough to understand the song.
(hopefully the lyrics are right,they might be wrong in some places...)