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Bang Bang Youre Dead Chords

Cm x15 D Fx4 Ax4 Cmx8 A#x4 A#mx4
verse 1
F          A           Cm
I knew all along i was right at the start
A#                         A#m    F
that the seeds of the weeds,      that grew in your heart
F                 A                  Cm
self satisfaction for the fashion to prone to tear us apart
oh i gave you a misers touch
as you turned round to scratched at my heart
Cm    A                 Cm   A A# A
Ooooh what did you expect
Cm    A                        Cm 
Ooooh tell me what did you expect
To lay it on my head
so it was all upon my head
F    A           Cm    A#        A# A G  F
Bang Bang You're Dead, always so easily lead
F    A           Cm    A#          A# A    G  F
bang bang you're dead, put all the rumours to bed
F    A           Cm      D
bang bang you're dead

verse 2
F          A                Cm
I knew all along that i was fooled to beleive
A#                              A#m            F
there was nothing but spite you realising the ????????

the song continues like that the lyrics are hard to distinguish if anyone knows the
lyrics or the intro tab, feel free to copy and paste what i've done and elaborate on
it, as long as you credit "GAZ" in parts. hope that helps.
Gareth Hooper


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