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Another Night 

Find me a rose that never fades and dies
And I'll show you a man who never, ever cheats and lies
Find me a star and if you can prove 
The star you've found just never disappears 
A7		            Bm7                                A
I'll show you a man who'll never, never, ever, ever bring you tears
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Another night when I'm all alone
Another night without him
Another night when I stay at home
And worry so about him
      C#m7     F#m                  C#m7
Oh, I love him and my love makes me cry
I need him If he doesn't come back I'll die

Find me a cloud that never brings you rain
And I'll show you a man who never, ever brings you pain
Find me a bird and if you can prove the bird you've found
Has wings and still can't fly 
I'll show you a man Who'll never, never, ever, ever leave you high and dry


by: Josť Duarte