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Not The Same Chords

From Where you been - Dinosaur Jr

The other version is on the right lines...

Capo 3rd fret (everthing relative to this)


Fadd9 (xx3213)              Em
On this day where youíre so messed itís clear canít explain the
Fadd9                   Em
road you roam anyone whoís been
Fadd9                   Em
as I walk with you, it chills me so to hear you say It's
Fadd9                      Em
come to this, tell me this I care (??) 

INTRO: rpt x4

Fadd9                   Em                         
Hear the truth I always talked to you, you seem fine
Fadd9                          Em
again, my sweet feels alright to me is it right for you?
Fadd9                  Em
Flippiní out I try to call to you till you come
Fadd9                 Em
to me tell me what to do

Dm                      F
And I know itís not the same
Thereís no blame ~still I bother you~ 
Dm                         F                  
And you say itís not true, dear,
itís mine to fear ~follow along through~

INTRO: Rpt x4
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Fadd9                     Em
come alive I know youíll sing with me I wonít sing to
Fadd9          Em
you itís not a thing I do
Fadd9                   Em
has it been a different feel for you? Whole time this was
Fadd9              Em
going on or is it something new?

Dm                      F                G
and I know itís not the same, thereís no blame ~still I bother you~
Dm                         F                  G
and you say itís not true, dear, itís mine to fear -we wonít coexist-
Dm                 F              G
any youíre not the same, itís the blame -follow along through-

INTRO: Rpt x4

Fadd9                  Em
itís a lingering that comes to me does it come to you? are we really through?
Fadd9                  Em
any guy would do this thing for me itís not much to
Fadd9     Em
ask, Why canít you?
Fadd9                   Em
Iím not gonna say Iíve had my way sure saw to
Fadd9              Em
that, what else can I do?
Fadd9                 Em
you promised so much, lied with every touch
Fadd9          Em
I believed you. follow along through

INTRO rpt.... (add some tymp's if handy!)

And so it goes...