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From: ajl694@nwu.edu (crackerhat)

Dinosaur Jr

Get Me, off Where You Been

This is different from, and hopefully improved upon the one at Nevada

G(strum) F#/G(strum)      C(strum)          D (see below)   
Bm(strum)      C        
I don't see you, I won't call you.  I don't know enough to stall you.  Is it me 
(below   Am(below)           C(strum) D(strum)
or is it all you?  Guess it's on and on.

p=pull off
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In other words: (to save space, I'm scrrewing rhythym here.  If you listen
to the song it should be clear).

   G F#/G  C  D           Bm     C         Am          C     D 
             (for D just slide the C to the 5th fret)

Hopefully, that is legible.

That's the verse.  The part with the heavy distortion after the first
verse just goes G, D, G, C (while strumming C, alternate 2nd string 1st
fret on and off to get that sound J does).

Then more verse, that little solo is over the verse, too.  
The chorus goes: 
B--5-------------5----   do this over and over ("Not gonna get me thru this...")
Don't play top strings.

or you can play it like this (which I think is easier)


hit the 6th fret B string with your pinky.

The solo is over the chorus part. 
Any questions, comments, corrections,etc. welcome at ajl694@nwu.edu