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Hitlers Girlfriend Chords

Artist: Dime Store Prophets
Song: Hitler's Girlfriend
Album:  Love is Against the Grain
Written by Dime Store Prophets

                 Em     C 
Someone left the window open,
                D  Dsus  D      C  G  C  G
 and cold air's slowly creepin' in
                     Em  C
I'm sitting watching TV sitcoms,
                  D  Dsus  D    C  G  C  G
 where everyone is happy in the end
                        Em       C
And I'm beginning to believe it
                    D  Dsus  D      C         G      C  G
Some say we can get by without the help of a friend
Em  C
      And I'm lying here, I'm remotely controlled
 Em             C
Strapped to an engine stuck on idle
                             Em                  C
I don't feel 'cause I fear, don't love 'cause I lost
(don't know, don't want to know)

G          D                 Em                   C         G
I'm not myself  'til you are you...if I close my eyes, I'm killing you
                 D                Em
I carry the weight of this safety net, so
C       G       C          G           C        G       C        G
I feel like Hitler's girlfriend...I'm blind to this and numb to that
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Em          C                            D  Dsus  D         C  G  C  G
   I know a girl who draws happy faces on everything she writes
Em              C
   She doesn't fool me...
                    D  Dsus  D                C  G  C  G
I've seen her bag of troubles, and it's not light
                          Em         C
Don't you know I want to reach out, cry for her
                        D  Dsus  D                 C         G   C  G
Carry the weight, but something just won't let me leave the couch
Em  C
     There's a scream and a chain and a knife

And her head is full of spirits
   Em        C          Em        C
I don't get too close, might get what she got
(my foot is asleep)


       D                  B7                             C
I was sprawled out at the foot of my bed with a rage of fire

Goin' 'round in my head...and I said,
  D                B7                      C         D
"Could this be the salt of the earth in my tears?"

Em  C
      I was watching Miss Brown, some say she didn't know
Em          C
Just took another Judas' kiss now
                           Em                   C
Well I'm not blaming you...was there something you could do?
(my coffee's cold)

Chorus 2x (2nd ending changes slightly)

     C        G
I'm blind to this and numb to that